Horse Whisperer

   Easy Now!! That is the sound of my father, Dan, training a horse that has never been touched. The horse rearing in the air, kicking and bucking. The horses name was Stanley. He was so shy. He is only a baby and he has been forced to get to his knees and gave him shots.  Every day since my dad met Stan, he has worked with him more and more to trust humans. He wouldn’t even come near people when they came near him.

   First, my dad would use the approach and retreat method. He would walk in front of the horse, but not directly. Then he would walk away. The key to this is never to look at the horse. After a while, Stan trusted my dad and started coming to him. Then a friendship soon formed between them.

   Then my dad started to soon take Stan out on walks to get him used to things. Things like the woods, vehicles, buildings and other things. The hardest thing for him to get Stan used to are people. HE always seemed to want to hurt or get away from them. Then my dad started getting him to stand still and let people pet him. Stan let them and he was soon letting anyone pet.

   He is a great father and all around friend. I dedicate this post to my dad and Julie my step mom. I dedicate to my dad because he is a hard worker and to Julie because she has helped me learn many things( computers ).

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